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Each of our patients has unique needs that must be addressed in different ways. To suit what your body requires to heal, we offer several different services that may be used in combination, as appropriate to your condition.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Jaffe uses one primary technique that is appropriate for adjustments for all ages, from a newborn just minutes old to those in their 90s. The Prone-Specific technique allows us to make precise, gentle adjustments to the spine without any twisting, popping or soreness experienced afterward.

It uses the same idea to align your spine that applies to the idea of straightening your teeth with braces. We make small corrections over time, letting your body adapt and understand what we’re trying to do. Your spine becomes more stable after each adjustment to give long-term, lasting results.

Dr. Jaffe also provides other types of traditional adjustments when appropriate.

Needle-free Acupuncture

We use electrical stimulation on different parts of your body to achieve the desired effect. Dr. Jaffe’s long experience with this form of acupuncture has allowed him the expertise to use it on nearly all of our patients with excellent results! Read more>>


Along with your chiropractic care, intersegmental traction can help mobilize your spine to increase healing.

Strength and Stabilization Exercises

Dr. Jaffe may recommend different exercises that can help your body continue to make the needed changes.

Same-day appointments are available. Medicare and insurance are accepted. Contact us here at Jaffe Chiropractic today to schedule your time!

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