Struggling with Sciatica?

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Sciatica In Charlotte NC

Sciatica is a type of pain pattern related to the sciatic nerve distribution in the leg or legs. The origin of the sciatic nerve is located in the lumbar spine and then passes down through the gluteal region, into the back of the leg, finally terminating in the feet and toes. Sciatic pain can be felt in the buttocks, down the back of the leg or even in the foot and toes. Moreover, the sciatic nerve can also cause other symptoms, including numbness, tingling, muscle cramping, weakness, burning, or changes in the reflexes of the lower extremity. The more common causes of sciatic pain or other sciatic nerve related problems are:

• Misalignment
• Arthritis
• Piriformis Syndrome
• Disc Herniation
• Disc Bulge
• Scoliosis
• Degenerative Disc Disease
• Stenosis
• Spondylolisthesis
• Degenerative Joint Disease

Sciatica Treatment for Charlotte Patients

Sciatica can be a minor irritation, or it can be a debilitating condition that stops you in your tracks. Chiropractic treatment takes the stress off of your spine and nervous system, relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve with a series of hands on adjustments, therapies, home exercises, and lifestyle modifications. How quickly you progress depends on a variety of factors including the cause of the sciatic pain, the severity of the problem, the length of time it’s been present and one’s ability to follow treatment recommendations.

Related Conditions

Sciatic pain is different from pain in the SI joint, which also can be felt in the backside area as well as the lower back. Disc related pain, spinal pain from injured joints, soft tissue strains, or injuries from an accident, like a car accident or a fall, can also mimic sciatic pain.

It is important that the cause of the pain is differentiated from these other conditions. A complete examination, including orthopedic, neurologic, and chiropractic tests, along with diagnostic imaging, like x-ray, will help to aid in the process to find the cause. It is common for people to think that they are suffering with sciatica, when in fact, there are a variety of conditions and injuries that people associate with sciatica. Once the cause of the pain is determined, appropriate treatments can be applied.

So Now What?

Sciatica is quite common, affecting a large portion of our population at some point in their lives. It can be very incapacitating and, if ignored, may lead to further problems down the road. If you or anyone you know is affected by some of these symptoms, contact our office so we can find out what is causing your chronic pain. Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Jaffe is trained to identify and correct a number of ailments including sciatica. With proper care and treatment, these problems are taken care of very effectively and without the need for surgery or other invasive interventions. Chiropractic patients report a high satisfaction rate with their short and long term progress. Chiropractic is the #1 non-drug treatment for lower back pain, including sciatica. Dr. Jaffe has tremendous success helping his patients with a variety of back and neck pain.
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