Chiropractic Care for Kids

Chiropractic Charlotte NC Chiropractic Care for Kids


Jaffe Chiropractic is here to meet the needs of your entire family. From infants and toddlers, college students through adulthood, patients of all ages can enjoy better health. Dr. Jaffe has a special interest in pregnancy care and pediatrics. He believes that starting chiropractic even before pregnancy for mom and shortly after delivery for both mom and baby to give the baby the healthiest possible future.

Promoting a Healthier Pregnancy with Chiropractic

Pregnancy is one of the normal functions of the body. Aches, pains and delivery complications can be common in pregnancy, but chiropractic has a strong effect on helping you through this wonderful time.

When misalignments are present in the spine and pelvis, the pressure put on the nervous system causes dysfunction. Chiropractic can help you by removing misalignments so that your body can function at its highest level. Symptoms, like pain, are signs of this dysfunction.

Chiropractic Charlotte NC Chiropractic Care for Kids

We’ll also give you support while your body is going through changes and prepare you for labor and delivery. Parents often stop by Jaffe Chiropractic on the way to the hospital before delivery, and afterward so we can check the whole family! Research shows that chiropractic care during pregnancy may

  • Decrease the likelihood of interventions and complications
  • Reduce labor and delivery times
  • Reduce the chance of breech presentation
  • Result in healthier babies

The frequency of care depends on your needs. You may see us more in later trimesters. We’ll make recommendations as to what is most appropriate for you and your situation.

Returning Postpartum for Help

Just as it did during pregnancy, your body changes after delivery and needs help making sure it gets back to the best position and function as well as it can. Delivery outcomes can affect your recovery. There are many aspects of post-delivery health that chiropractic can help. Our conservative approach helps pain, breastfeeding issues and can enable you to pick up your baby more easily.

Raising Healthier Children with Regular Checkups

Watching your baby grow is one of life’s greatest experiences. Dr. Jaffe can check their body and spine as they develop, making sure that they’re working at their best possible function. Even the tiniest babies have misalignment's in their spine that affect the nervous system. Unlike adults, though, babies can’t tell us what’s wrong.

From the time your baby is born, they start to roll over, sit, crawl, pull themselves up to stand and finally walk. Bumps and falls are inevitable. These traumas can cause harmful changes in the spine, so it’s important that chiropractic care is a regular part of your child’s health care. Just like brushing their teeth, making sure they eat the right foods and sleep well, it makes sense to ensure the nervous system functions properly. A properly functioning nervous system allows your child to grow and develop at their best level.

Dr. Jaffe is passionate about caring for children and making sure stress and pressure on the spine don’t put their health at risk. The techniques we typically use on our patients are gentle, and it’s even more so on babies. Consider the amount of pressure your thumb would use to just barely indent the skin of a tomato. That’s the same amount of pressure we use to make adjustments on infants. But this light touch can make a huge difference!

Experience safe and gentle chiropractic care for the entire family! Stop by our walk-in clinic or contact us today for an appointment.

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